Pack Pride: Dean is Our 14 Year Hero!

Pack Pride

Texas Humane Heroes has been lucky enough to have Dean as part of our pack for 14 years! He is our longest employed staff member here. Sounds dedicated, right? You haven’t even heard the most impressive thing about it. In these past 14 years, Dean has never missed a single day of work! If anything ever does come up, Dean just comes in a different day to make up for it. Now that’s what you call dedicated!

Dean is our one and only custodian here and takes care of keeping our facility clean. He works hard at keeping us spic and span for our customers and pets!  Although he doesn’t work directly with any of our animals, Dean has been fond of a few special pets during his time here. Two dogs in particular, Elvis and Plex, were his all time favorites.

Dean came to work at Texas Humane Heroes after a long time of job hunting. Every place he applied to, no one would give him the chance to come in for an interview. Until he applied here, that is. Dean applied for the custodian position, came in for an interview, and got a call back the next day with the good news! His first day of work was in October 2003 and ever since then Dean has been an invaluable part of the Texas Humane Heroes family. Working with all of our other amazing staff members is one of Dean’s favorite things about coming to work each day. So is the freedom he feels going out and doing something outside of his group home.

Texas Humane Heroes has recognized Dean’s incredible work ethic on several occasions including, employee of the month and then of the year, and also has a permanent Adopt-a-Kennel plaque hung in our Kitty Kondos for all to see. If you have the pleasure of meeting him, be sure to thank and congratulate him for all the years he has spent supporting Texas Humane Heroes and our mission to eliminate pet homelessness!