Ready Fur Love: Morgan’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love

March 15, 2018


I am Morgan, a one year old female cat. You may have seen my video earlier this week for my VIP Spotlight. I don’t usually care for being in the limelight but in this case it is necessary. I am in great need of a new home. Texas Humane Heroes came to the rescue when I, and many other cats, were brought in from a hoarding case in Killeen back in November. There were 36 of us in that one house together. Some time has passed and many of us have been adopted into new families. Unfortunately, I have not been so lucky.

As you can see, my kitten hood was abnormal and lacking in many important life lessons. I’ve become timid and nervous due to my lack of exposure to people. Despite being in such close quarters to so many cats my entire life I can still get along with other cats well. My problems lie with people. It’s not that I hate humans, I’m just afraid. Someone who can show me how to trust and teach me what love is would be the perfect owner for me. My family would need to have unlimited patience and understanding of my condition. There is, however, a key to my heart or should I say stomach? I am crazy about treats. Treats are the one thing that will get me to open up. And so, if your home is quiet and your pantry is full of cat treats then we will become friends. It is simply a matter of time. Just think of how rewarding it will be to watch as I become the cat I was meant to be!

Do you have the kindness in your heart to give me the time needed for me to truly feel safe and happy? If you do then please, come adopt me and take me home. You can find me at the Killeen Adoption Center.