Pack Pride: Luck Brought Us Deb!

Pack Pride

This week’s Pack Pride features Deborah! Upon moving to Texas a year ago, Deborah coincidentally drove by Texas Humane Heroes and hasn’t stop volunteering ever since. She had stopped in to grab some fliers to share with fellow soldiers and now is a valued volunteer at our Killeen Adoption Center. Although she likes both dogs and cats, she spends most of her time with the kitties while volunteering.

Her favorite part about being a volunteer at Texas Humane Heroes is watching families with kids come and get so excited about their new pet. Unlike the average person, Deborah enjoys cleaning so you may find her in Kitty Condos loving on some cats and making sure their living area is pristine.

At home, Deborah has a 15 year old German Shepherd named Lady along with five cats that she let her grandkids name: Chunk, Peppermint, Blacky, Whitey, and Goldie. Growing up, she lived on a farm with a variety of animals. Now, she has five kids and nine grandchildren that also share that same love for animals. In her spare time, Deborah likes to visit her grandchildren, lift weights, and go on walks. Her favorite dessert is ice creams of all kinds and when asked about her favorite ‘Texas’ thing, she said H-E-B.

The staff know and greatly appreciate all the hard work that Deborah does. Deborah will be moving away soon and will definitely be missed (by staff and by animals). We have no doubt that wherever Deborah goes next, she’ll make just as much as a positive impact as she has here.