Ready Fur Love: George’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love

Hi everyone, I’m George! I’m a cool looking young pup with a smushy face and the coolest coat you’ll see! I’m only 11 months old, so I’m technically still a puppy. Although I’m pretty playful, I’m also extremely relaxed and could sit down in your lap for hours. I’m sweet and mellow and I apologize beforehand, but I will cover your face with licks if you let me. I’m just so excited to be with people! I also like playing with my other dog friends, we run around until we’re ready for a nap and then go back inside.

I like to play outside and one of my most favorite things is playing in the kiddie pools full of water. Think of all the fun water activities we can do together this summer! Luckily, I have short hair so I don’t stay wet for long. Speaking of my fur, I’m a light tan color, but I have all these cool marks all over my back (I like to think that they’re tiger stripes but that’s just me). I have adorable little ears too. I’m not trying to brag, but I will admit that I am a looker.

I’m still a little bit weary of children, but would do great in a home with teenagers or older kids in the house. Other than that, I’m almost sure I’ll get along with all the humans in the family and your other dogs. Did I tell you I love going on walks too? I’m sure when we go for one, people will want to stop and pet me because they might not have seen a dog like me.

I’m such a great doggo and would love to join your family, so I beg you to please consider adopting me. It would make my day! I’m about to be 1 years old, and all I really want for my birthday is to get adopted. I’m located at the Killeen Adoption Center, so come find me there and don’t forget to bring me a treat to celebrate my birthday!