Pack Pride: Amanda, Our Amazing Leander Adoption Center Manager!

Pack Pride

If you’ve ever come to look at dogs at our Leander Adoption Center, you might have crossed paths with Amanda Thompson. Amanda and her family moved to the area about four years ago from Louisville, Kentucky and she started working here as an Adoptions Counselor. She had heard that we were hiring, and without any other knowledge of Texas Humane Heroes, she applied and got the position. She is now our Adoption Center Manager.

Amanda is a strong and kind leader. She oversees all things adoptions; from dogs, to cats, and any animal that goes off site. A part from caring for the animals on the daily, her and her team are in charge of sanitizing Paw Pad every single day, conducting play groups to see which dogs get along with each other, and making sure each animal goes to a forever home suitable for their needs.

In addition to seeing animals get adopted every day, Amanda shared about another aspect of the job that has been a highlight for her. When she first started working here, she had just uprooted from Kentucky, where she had lived her whole life, to a new place where she knew no one. She found that her coworkers here at Texas Humane Heroes became like family to her and helped her transition from Louisville to Leander.

“I met this amazing community here at work where we are working toward a common goal and bettering the lives of these animals,” she shared. “It really helped me get over my homesickness”.

Now, Amanda, her husband, and her daughter, have two dogs at home, Jax and Freya. They recently adopted a cat, who they named Haku. Her favorite dog we have here is named Picadillo – she’s a huge fan of his little underbite. Her favorite adoption story is about a dog named Maria who came and was petrified. She had never been socialized, so Amanda fostered her and helped adopt her to a sweet couple who took her home. Stories like this are why Amanda works as hard as she does here and is always helping educate people from our community about optimal care for their pets. Amanda’s favorite show is The Good Place, she loves Halloween, coffee from Summer Moon, and Indian food. When she’s off, she enjoys crafting and gardening.

When you come by and browse around for your next family pet, make sure you give Amanda and her team a big thank you for their hard work finding both our cats and dogs their forever homes.