Ready Fur Love: Bonzo’s Love Letter

Hello everyone! I am Bonzo, an energetic 10-month old pup! I hope you are ready to learn all there is to know about me and what I like to do with my days.

I like to start my day gobbling up some delicious food, then run around outside ‘til I can’t run anymore. When I am outside, my favorite thing to do is chase after my tennis ball! There is nothing like a tennis ball. Of course I like the occasional stuffed toy, but I get bored quickly after I take out all its insides. If I cannot find my tennis ball, a nice strong rope is my second favorite toy in the whole world. I love toys that we can play with together because most of all I love hanging out with my human friends. They are the best playmates, and really understand me and the things I like. Of course, I have my days where I am not in the mood to always play and I’d rather take a nice leisurely walk because I love to explore the world around me. I don’t always have the best of manners, but I am just a pup and ready to learn! I’m clever and a fast learner so it should not take me to long to learn my manners.

After, my daily exercise I love to just come inside and kick my paw up and relax for a bit. I would love to cuddle with you and lay in your lap if you let me, I tend to forget how big I am. The other dogs tease me, but I often daydream about my perfect family and how life will be so great with them. We will go on lots of adventures, like hikes and camping trips, and we will learn lots of things together in training classes! will  I am ready to find a family that is active that is ready to make me there one and only four legged best friend!