Pack Pride: Emily is the Leader We Can all County On!


Pack Pride
Emily with past adoptable dog, Frankie!


If you’ve ever come out to our Leander Adoption Center, you’ve probably seen Emily hard at work. For almost three years now, Emily has devoted so much of her time and hard work to better Texas Humane Heroes.

After college, Emily started working with animals and hasn’t stopped since. She has lived all around the US working with animals in some capacity. Before moving to Texas, her and her wife lived in Hawaii and worked at an animal shelter. As our Adoptions Manager, Emily oversees all the animals that come in and out of our organization. Her mission is to make sure that each animal that comes into our care finds their forever family – and the Adoption Counselors that work with Emily have the same goal. Emily often conducts playgroups among the dogs and studies their body language during their meet and greet. She is extremely knowledgeable and all the staff love working with her.

“I’ve learned so much while working alongside Emily,” Alex, our Foster Coordinator explained, “she is a great manager and leads her team well”.

The love for animals doesn’t stop at work for Emily. At home, her and her wife have three dogs, two cats, and five chickens. One of the cats, Jasper, is a TXHH alum. This summer, they’ll be expecting their first child. When not at work, Emily enjoys remodeling furniture and doing things around the house/yard. Her favorite TV show is Grey’s Anatomy, favorite color is purple, and least favorite food is peas. If you catch her at the movie theatre, she’d most likely be munching on Sour Patch Kids and if she could travel anywhere right now it would be Spain. Her personal favorite dogs we have in our care now are Pop and Finnick because they are both kind dogs. Recalling one of her favorite stories while working here, Emily shared about her foster dog Frankie who was deaf and partially blind. During her time with him, Emily taught him different hand signals to communicate with him better and raise his chances at finding a home. Frankie has since been adopted.  

Emily not only makes TXHH a better place each day, but she also touches the lives of each dog cat, and human that she gets to work with. If you get the pleasure of meeting Emily, make sure you thank her for her years of dedicated work. Thanks, Emily!