Ready Fur Love: Darwin’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love

Hi, I’m Darwin! I have so much to tell you about me! Can you tell I’m pretty extroverted? I’m the dog you’re looking for if you want an adventure dog. I am very active and would be a good walking or jogging buddy. I’m a also a pretty big fan of water – I like playing in the small pools here at Texas Humane Heroes and I really think I would like to dive into a big pool with you. Since I have a lot of energy, I like to play a lot too – toys are my favorite! I do especially love tennis balls…can you blame me? They’re the best! Let’s play fetch all day!

One thing I do really well, I guess you could call it a quirk, is my head tilt! According to the staff, I’m notorious for my head tilt. If I had a high school superlative, it would be ‘Cutest Head Tilt’ – check out my pictures on the website for proof. Or better yet, come see for yourself!

If you do decide to come, look for the brown and white dog with the huge smile. I have freckles on my snout, too, and my tail tip is white. I think it looks cool. Since I love going on walks, you can choose a really cool collar and leash that’ll pop on my well-groomed coat.

My ideal home would be with an active family where I could be the only pet-child. I love kids but am not so sure about other dogs at the moment. If you like to participate in activities and be on the move, then I’m your pup! My athletic ability paired with my adorable-ness, I just know I will make a family very happy someday (hopefully sometime soon). I’m ready for you to take me home – or straight to the hiking trail!