Pack Pride: Kiana is TXHH’s Wonder Woman

Pack Pride

Kiana Evans has been on our pack since September 2017. As an Adoptions Counselor, Kiana is interacting with our animals daily. She knows them like the back of her hand. In the mornings, the Adoptions team takes every single animal out of their kennel and cleans the whole place until it’s spotless. They return the animals to their kennel after they’ve walked and played so they can eat breakfast. All in all, it’s about a three hour process, so our Adoptions team really gets quality time with these animals. Kiana is here working hard day in and day out. You’ve probably seen her if you’ve come to look at our dogs or cats.

When she was just a little girl, she would tell her mom that she wanted to be a vet but then she saw an animal die on an Animal Planet segment and quickly changed her mind since she didn’t like seeing animals suffering. She’s had many different kinds of jobs before, but loves working here because of her daily interaction with the animals. They’re all her babies and she loves them like her own. In fact, she adopted from us last November when she fell head over heels with a puppy who is now her dog named Valkyrie. Valkyrie has joined four other dogs at home and lives a spoiled life now. Aside from Valkyrie, Kiana’s favorite dog here at Texas Humane Heroes was Coffee who has been adopted!

Her favorite candy is either Twix or Hershey’s and she’s always seen with Gatorade in hand. She likes a variety of different flavors including lemon lime, dark blue, arctic fresh, and orange. She loves all the Marvel movies, but her favorite superhero would have to be Wonder Woman.

Thanks for being a wonder woman here at Texas Humane Heroes, Kiana!