Pack Pride: Mare, Lord of the Clean

Meet Mare, one of our Animal Wellness Coordinators! Mare started working at Texas Humane Heroes back in November of 2017 and has loved it ever since. Now what exactly does our Animal Wellness team do? They’re the ones who help fill our adoption center with animals and gets them ready to find their forever homes. Under the Intake Manager, they pull from many over crowded shelters across Texas and bring them into our program. From there, they make sure that the animal is up to date on all their shots and spayed or neutered before they move to the adoption floor.

Mare uniquely LOVES to clean. Her favorite part of her workday is the cleaning aspect in the morning. And this isn’t light cleaning…the Intake team (as well as our Adoptions team) cleans each and every kennel of their designated area every single morning. The work isn’t easy, so Mare and her coworkers are out there working hard and loving animals each day. One of her favorite activities to do here, besides cleaning, is bottle feeding some of our little bottle baby kittens or puppies.

A Pennsylvania native, Mare moved to Texas in 2013. She met her fiance two years ago and got engaged to him this summer. She currently has three cats at home, Baby (13. yrs), Simba (11.5 yrs), and Dorian Grey (10.5 yrs). She considers herself a cat person, although she loves and appreciates both dogs and cats. Right now, her favorite adoptable cat here is Priscilla.

When Mare isn’t here at work, she can be found at home reading or watching movies (or cleaning). She loves the Abarat series and her favorite movie is “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy – extended version only. Once you watch the extended version, you can’t just go back to watching the normal version.” You heard it here first.

Also a fan of comics, Mare likes to visit comic book stores and conventions in her spare time. She is a self-proclaimed gamer and enjoys playing PlayStation.

Mare’s dedication and passion for her work really are noticeable – make sure the next time you’re at our Leander Adoption Center, you thank her for her hard work and enthusiasm towards cleaning!