Ready Fur Love: Jewel’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love

Hi, I’m Jewel! I am a 2 ½ year-old kitty, who is just as beautiful and precious as my name suggests. Well, at least that is what the humans tell me. I am a pretty mellow cat that loves to find warm, cozy places to curl up for a long cat nap. You can usually find me in your lap, burrowed in some blankets, or even on a window ledge where the sun is shining through. My cat naps are very important to me, that’s when I get all my beauty sleep and why I also prefer things to be calm and quiet. After all that sleep, I like to get in some exercise. I need to make sure I keep up my nice girly figure. I like to play with a toy mouse here and there, but what I really like to do is just take a nice stroll around my living space. Walking is great exercise, you know.

Now like I said before, I am a pretty mellow kitty, however, I do take a little bit of time to warm up to strangers. I’m not a very touchy-feely kitty either, so being held isn’t something that I enjoy. I will not get mad but I will try to wiggle away. Since I don’t speak human, I’m hoping you speak cat and can read my body language when I’m uncomfortable. Just because I take some time to warm up does not mean that I do not like making new friends. I actually love to make new friends, I just like to get to know you before I give you all my trust. I would really love it if you would come and see me, Jewel, so we can meet and get to know one another. Life is full of surprises, we might just be each other’s new best friends! Like any rare jewel, I’m a great find!