Pack Pride: TXHH Will Miss You, Christine!

Pack Pride

Four and a half years ago, Christine Rankin joined Texas Humane Heroes as our Community Adoptions Counselor and is currently our Interim Executive Director. Christine has had several different positions here and has worked her way up from Marketing Manager to Assistant Director and is now celebrating her last week with us as our Interim Executive Director.

Christine was born and raised in Palmdale, California and moved to New Mexico for college. There, she met her now husband, Rob, and in 2014 they moved to Texas. When she was looking for a job here, she narrowed her search down to non-profit work, and ended up finding Texas Humane Heroes as a local non-profit that was hiring at the time. The rest is history!

Christine has impacted the organization in huge ways and has been a great leader to her colleagues around her. She’s a quick problem-solver and always has what’s best for all of our animals in mind. At home, her and her husband have three dogs: Laine, Sophia Marie, and Big.

She had a hard time picking a favorite adoption story from the past four and a half years spent here, but she really did like a dog we once had here named Broomhilda. Her current favorites are Padme and Nessy. Although more of a dog person, she did have a cat that was the love of her life named Leroy that was here a couple years ago. Our gala is her favorite event at Texas Humane Heroes, and Halloween is her favorite holiday. Her favorite aisle at the grocery store is the candy aisle and her favorite movie is Forrest Gump. Her and Rob are planning a trip to Thailand in 2020.

Christine loved her job and got to be involved with many different departments as the Assistant Manager. She will truly be missed here at Texas Humane Heroes, but we know she’ll come back and visit all her staff and animal friends. Don’t forget to come and visit us Christine!