Ready Fur Love: Max’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love

Hi guys, I’m Max! I am only 1 year 8 months old and am a dog with a bold personality. I love to be outside running around and playing fetch with my tennis ball which is my favorite toy and my favorite game. I’m told I don’t play by the rules, though. I think that when you get the ball, I’m suppose to try and get it back to keep you from throwing it. Apparently that’s not right. So when I forget to play by the real rules, just remind me that I’m suppose to let you and wait for you to throw the ball. It may take a time or two but I promise to learn to play your way.

I have been told that I am smart and a very fast learner.  I already know how to sit, lay down and shake. What can I say, I’m just perfect to the MAX!  They tell me I would be a good sporting dog or agility dog, I do not know what that means but is sounds kind of fun. Maybe that’s something we can learn together!

Now aside from my tennis ball I really love the water.  Whether it is in a bucket, a pool, coming out of a hose or a sprinkler, water is so much fun! Plus, it keeps me cool in the summertime. These types of water games are the only ones I have had a chance to experience, but I have been told that there are even more places that have water. The one that I really think I might like is called a lake. It sounds amazing! I hope I would be able to bring my tennis ball there! I really cannot wait to find my perfect active forever home! Come see me, Max, and we could be the best friends! I am ready for new adventures with you!