Pack Pride: Lisa and Steve Frost-The Powerhouse Foster Couple

Pack Pride


Lisa and Steve Frost are a powerhouse foster couple here at Texas Humane Heroes. They’ve fostered over 50 different times, ranging from solo adult dogs, momma dogs and litters, or  litters of babies. We don’t know what we would have done without the Frost’s the last few years.

They live right around the corner from Texas Humane Heroes Leander Adoption Center and continuously passed it on their way to and from home. After they had lost their dog, they wanted to give love to another animal but wasn’t ready to adopt yet. That’s when they decided to give fostering a try.

While fostering, Lisa and Steve ended up adopting Zeek last October, one of our Hurricane Harvey dogs. He’s now living a life of luxury with Lisa and Steve and gets to meet many different foster brother and sisters. A recent foster, Beth, became a friend to Zeke and they would often play together in the home. Lisa and Steve shared Beth as a foster with another amazing volunteer couple, Jen and Gregg Newcombe. Through sharing Beth, the two couples became close friends – we love how these things work out!

Another foster favorite was a dog named Frankie who was deaf and partially blind. They recently had a litter of puppies that just became adoptable this weekend – Mable was the favorite of the litter!

We are so thankful for the time the Frosts have put into the animals and staff here at Texas Humane Heroes. “I couldn’t imagine not having Lisa and Steve Frost as a part of our foster team. They truly love each foster pet with their whole heart and provide the best care possible until it’s time to bring the pet back”, our Foster Coordinator, Alex, shares about working with the Frosts. Thank you Lisa and Steve for your dedicated devotion to Texas Humane Heroes and our animals!