Pack Pride: Tim and Julie Keep Us in Tip-Top Shape

Pack Pride
Julie and Tim with our Killeen Adoption Center Manager, Nina, receiving their brick at our Volunteer Appreciation event!

For this weeks’ Pack Pride, meet our volunteers Tim and Julie! This happy couple has been helping us out big time over at our Killeen location. Since they started volunteering back in April, we have seen just how much two people can accomplish. Once they get off work they come straight over to begin helping. Tim and Julie begin with their favorite task of taking all the dogs out for walks.

If we ever need some handy work Tim is there to fix anything and everything. He has repaired fences, kennels, and doors. Tim even helps out with the yard work. This is one very helpful and hardworking volunteer we have here. When he isn’t here being amazing Tim likes to kick back and watch some sports. You deserve to relax after all you do here,Tim, you’re the best!

While Tim is off doing all that, Julie keeps herself just as busy with cleaning and laundry. You have no idea what a task the laundry is! We are appreciative to have her help in what feels like the never ending laundry battle! When she isn’t volunteering or working, Julie loves to challenge her mind through puzzles and word games. A woman who has both a big heart and big brain? Julie is one heck of lady wouldn’t you say? We really appreciate all you do for us Julie

Tim and Julie both have come to treasure the relationships they’ve cultivate from volunteering and meeting others with the same passion for animals as them. This super pair of grandparents have so much love for their grandkids and still have room to love all of our animals. Thank you Tim and Julie for dedicating so much of your time to helping our cause!