Ready Fur Love: Sarah’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love


January 18, 2018

Hello! My name is Sara.

You would like to know about Lil ol’ me? Why I’m flattered! I’m a little on the shy side so I don’t get asked about too often. Where to begin…how about my background? I like to consider myself a refined lady at a little less than two years of age. I have a lovely tortoiseshell coat and alluring orange eyes. Some might call me a head turner. I couldn’t possibly agree, it’s embarrassing, but it is still flattering all the same.

I am a little reserved at first, but once I get comfortable with my surroundings, I really do come out of my shell. Such was the case when I first arrived here at Texas Humane Heroes. Have you heard about the cat hoarding case back in November? It is memorable for all the blue eyed Siamese cats. Yes, that is where my story started. No, I am not Siamese, but I was also one of the cats saved from that situation. You can imagine what a change that was. I was a little overwhelmed by it all. It has been a few months and I am much more at ease these days. I used to hide in the corner of my kennel but now I’m right there along with the other cats, meowing for your attention.

In my free time, which is all the time if I’m being honest, I enjoy petting sessions and naps. If I had the choice, a home with a gentle person who respects me would be my future. You would need to be patient and allow me time to settle before the cuddles can commence. If you are looking for a quiet and loving feline friend, then I am just the lady for you. Please come visit me so we can get to know one another. Perhaps we will be a purrfect match!