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By: Deanna Chesnut. M.A.,

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Must Know! All-Pet Food Info

I call myself a storyteller, not a headliner but this month, I will be a headliner for this urgent posting.

My dearly beloved cat, Bear, the main “character” in my book Purrs & Promises, became ill.  At the vet’s, I was told that he was having kidney failure.  Bear proved himself to be a very wise cat throughout our relationship. In this instance, he refused to eat his vet-recommended food I got for him. I spent hours and hours researching, and learning, about the atrocious pet food industry practices. I switched him to Innova, and took him back to the vet two months later. The vet was baffled—there was no sign of any kidney issue;; he refused to believe that all I had done was putt him on a non-Rx, very healthy food. Alas, the company that produced Innova was later bought out by Proctor and Gamble. It is still on the market though there have been several recalls.

The headline here is: STOP KILLING YOUR PETS – Research Your Pet Food . Regardless of the glowing ad words used to entice you to a food, they are often very misleading–apparent when you read the ingredients  and understand what the words mean. Since the huge recall of the food with melamine killed many animals, people are paying more attention, but not enough. When I recently had to change the food I was buying, I was astonished and disgusted with the number of brands on the market, listing as many as 30 mysterious ingredients.

Today, I stumbled on a website that listing just the 2017 recalls from pet food companies, including the popular Blue Buffalo, Wellness and the Texas company, Evanger: http://truthaboutpetfood.com/review-of-pet-food-in-2017/  

If you love your animals, and want to keep them safe, you MUST keep yourself informed about the ingredients in the food as surely as you would for your human baby. Food gives us life, but food additives or unsanitary safety practices can kill. The word is not getting out to the public, or the public is not knowledgeable enough to understand what is going on.

Here’s the skinny to take with you shopping to decipher the ingredients:


View recalls and sign up for notifications of recalls:   https://www.pawdiet.com/pet-food-recall/

Educate yourself and save your pet—it’s in the labeling: http://talkspetfood.aafco.org/readinglabels

And if you are concerned about cancer, animals, view this video:  http://truthaboutpetfood.com/life-changing/