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By: Deanna Chesnut. M.A.,

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Magic Flowers

Today’s blog could well be one of the most important you will ever read, and it’s one of my favorites to ever write. It will be also be my longest post so far, needed for a thorough, but still abbreviated, explanation of the subject.

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And so we begin my long-promised blog about “Magic Flowers.”  Twenty years ago, a friend who was very knowledgeable about holistic healing introduced me to Bach Flower Remedies, a sort-of homeopathic remedy which originated in England in the 1930’s. When first introduced to them, my analytical, doubting-Thomas mind could not accept the concept that soaking flowers in water, and putting the water in a bottle with preservative could possibly cure anything except the need for an ounce of water. I threw the bottles into the drawer and forgot about them for several years despite friend’s frequent references to how they could change my outlook on life, lift depression, bring dead plants back to life, and… well, you get the idea.  

Then came the day I was taking my afraid-of-nothing, five-year old Maine Coon to the vet. The easiest way to say it is that, “he went crazy.” Standing in the carrier in the car, he began rocking from side to side, slobber flying everywhere, clouds of hair flying off his body a la “blowing his coat” as horses do. He also howled, deep guttural howls that caused his ribs to visibly collapse and re-inflate and the hair on my neck to stand up. I had never seen or heard of such complete terror in a cat, let alone this one who viewed the world as his own kingdom. I was totally distraught.

I reviewed his last vet visit. We had gone in for a teeth cleaning, but the vet found a lump on Bear’s back and also excised it (non-cancerous.) But it took a long time for that excision to heal. That was all I could find in my memory bank to come up with as a reason for his total panic. And what was I going to do on the next vet trip?

A few days later, I found my bottle of Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. I remembered my poor friend trying to convince her stubborn friend (me) who didn’t believe in miracles that there was a miracle in the bottle.


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