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Ready Fur Love


Hello Humans,

The black cats of Texas Humane Heroes here– Lovey, Spring, and Wilson, and today is National Black Cat Appreciation Day! We’re here to debunk all those silly myths you may have heard about black cats and why we make the best cats! Everyone seems to think two things about us, 1. We are bad luck, and 2. We are witches. All we have to say is no. We are not bad luck and we definitely aren’t evil witches, and this is how we know.

First, let’s start with the bad luck. If anyone has bad luck, it’s us! We don’t have families and I (Lovey) have been without a family since January. Still unsure as to why since I’m super sweet, but hopefully that will change after today. We promise bad things won’t happen to you if we walk in front of you or even if you take us home. Some people believe that black cats are lucky and dreaming of us is even lucky. Well, the only way to dream about us is to see us. Bringing us home would let you see us every day.

Second, we black cats aren’t witches and we definitely aren’t evil. Didn’t you all watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch or Hocus Pocus? Both Salem and Binx were good kitties and we are, too! Trust us, if we were witches we would have cast a love spell on someone a long time ago so we didn’t have to wait to find a forever family.

Each of us differ in personality but we share a common wish of being given a chance to change someone’s life in the best way possible. This National Black Cat Appreciation Day, we hope you take some time to appreciate who we are, our individual personalities, and most of all, our beautiful coats, because let’s be honest, no pet can beat a mini ninja panther.

We cross our paws that you’ve changed your opinion regarding black cats and that you’ll come down to meet us soon!


Lovey, Spring, Wilson


Ready Fur Love
Ready Fur Love