Purrfect Talker Blog: The Secret Shopper- Part 1

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Author: Deanna Chesnut, Author, Purrs & Promises

The Secret Shopper – Part I

I presently have only one cat, no dogs, but any time I’m out shopping, I’m also on the look out for cat and dog things to donate to my favorite charity, Texas Humane Heroes. So, I thought I would share the results of last week’s day-long hunting expedition with you. I’ll continue this blog next week…soo many stores,..so many treasures!

Stop #1. Big Lots. Shopping here is feast or famine, but always worth a stop. This week they had a large supply of brand name dry dog/cat foods and treats from a lot buy-out, cat litters, a ton of furry/fuzzy “sleeping rounds” for cats and dogs and even a few bird things. My Birdie will be in cat heaven—a $4.98 bag of Fancy Feast Duos treats for $2.50, and a small litter box for the porch, in case forgetful mom locks her out there again.

As an aside, the other night my usually quiet cat was meowing softly and giving repeated kitty kisses, abnormal behavior for her, while I was absorbed with the computer. In a literal ”flash”, I realized there was something wrong, and what, her communication was very clear! Around 10:00 the night before, I’d taken the trash can out of the garage, closing the cat door between the inside of the house to the garage where the cat box is. It was now 7:30 p.m. the next day. I had walked by that closed door for 24 hours and not noticed it was still closed!  I sniffed my way around the house and couldn’t find a single soiling.  Poor baby! She is such a good cat. She got double treats that night and lots of Eskimo kisses returned.

But back to shopping. I once found the best cat box ever for my 18 lb. Maine Coon, a $15.00, oversized, covered cat box, really oversized—the standard size must feel like an airline potty to our oversized kitties. The closest I had found on-line, and not as perfect as this one, was $35. Normally I don’t recommend covered cat boxes, but my big boy was having urinary problems and sometimes “overshot” the regular cat box. Problem solved at half the price of pet stores. (FYI–A cat box should be 1.5 times as long as your cat from nose tip to tail.  That gives him/her room to turn around. If you are having issues with your cat going outside the box, measure!

Stop #2. Dollar Store. I’m leery about consumable products from the Dollar Store and check carefully before buying anything but there are great bargains, but I can usually find a few treasures. Again, it’s a feast or famine thing. On my mental list were: more pet treats and bones marked “made in the USA.” They also have 2/$1 aluminum baking trays for use as temporary cat boxes at the shelters, small and medium leashes and collars, and lots of toys, including lovely tennis balls, 3/$1.00, for all “good girl and boy dogs” play with. They also have many choices of human combs and brushes that work for pet grooming, and ceramic and metal bowls (do not use plastic) for food and water.

Coming Next Week:  My editor will have fits as I’m way over my word budget (my motto–I’m a storyteller, not a headliner.)  So next week look for the #1 miracle product in my medicine chest for humans, pets and even plants! We’ll also buy my cat’s favorite litter and a new cat food. Mark your calendar.