Ready Fur Love: Duke’s Love Letter


Ready Fur Love

August 3, 2017

Howl-o Humans,

I’m Duke and I’m not into all this fancy city stuff. I’m a country boy through and through. I’m the type of dog that will jump in the back of a truck with you every morning to head off to work. I’m happiest when I get to feel the wind flap through my ears and my nose high in the air to sniff all those country smells. I’m smart and a hard worker, so you just show me what needs to be done and I will get to work. But be warned, I’m a hound dog, so if I catch the wife of a scent that needs some investigatin’, I’m gonna go. When it’s quittin’ time, I’m hoping my new family will have a big yard for all of us to run and play in. Work hard, play hard, that’s my motto, and I have a lot of energy to play hard all night long! I also love water so going to swimming holes, lakes, or rivers is right up my alley. Spending the day with friends on the water is how I would celebrate every weekend of summer.

My ideal family will know how to have fun but also won’t let the little things bother them. Life happens and we just gotta take it day by day, work hard, and have some fun. With a little teaching, I promise to be the best dog I can be.

Let’s be honest, you already know we are perfect together. No one can resist a handsome country boy with a deep howl. In the meantime, I’ll be waiting for you to ride off into the sunset with.