Ready Fur Love: Henry’s Love Letter


August 10, 2010

Hi I’m Henry!

I’m a sweet guy who is looking for my perfect family. I’m told you’re out there somewhere, so I’m going to tell you all about myself so you know I’m here waiting. I’m about 3 years old and am frequently told by staff, volunteers, and visitors that I am a favorite! You may be asking “Well then why are you still waiting” and my answer is, good things are worth waiting for. I think you are waiting for me, and I you. I can be a little shy sometimes but since coming to TXHH, I have met so many friendly people that I am learning how great humans can be and how many ear scratches and pets they can give!

I have a laid back attitude and I like to keep a positive outlook on life. I’ve met some other cool cats during my stay and luckily they’ve all been chill like me. I would do well in a wide variety of families, but letting my have some adjustment time would be greatly appreciated. Many humans say I’m a special guy. I’m told I have an interesting purr and that I also have kitty asthma– who knew! That might explain the interesting purr. No need to be alarmed, it might not be something I have forever. These special features are what make me, me.

I would love to get to know you on a personal level and learn what makes both of us who we are. Won’t you give me a chance?

I’ll be waiting.