Purrfect Talker Blog: Intro

Purrfect Talker


Author:  Deanna Chesnut, Author, Purrs & Promises

Hello Readers:

Please allow me to introduce myself. I’ve been asked to write a blog for TXHH’s website. My alter ego is Purrfect Talker.  My credentials include turning from cat hater to being a Cat Mom for 30+ years, volunteered with Austin area rescue organizations, wrote as a cat behaviorist and health adviser on a very busy 350+ member chat board for 3 years. I have written my memoir, PURRS & PROMISES, under the direction of my furry gurus. (All net proceeds go to TXHH—and it’s purrfect for your summer reading. Check it out on Amazon.com!)

I intend that my posts will give you a chuckle, will give new insight into animal caretaking, and will reinforce the amazing state of being in communion with the animals who enhance your lives. And those other ones, too—Get off the counter, Smoky!

Much of the info will apply to all animals (just substitute  “dog” for “cat”) though it leans towards cats ‘cuz that’s what I know best. We’ll explore the mystery of the animal known as “cat,” we’ll bust some scientific misconceptions, and we may get your personal pet to “seeing it your way.” (Or maybe the other way around!) Careful, I hear you laughing, but you might be surprised!

For cat caretakers, if you have burning questions about issues you’d like help with, feel free to send me an email: purrs.promises@gmail.com and ask. I’ll try to answer a question or two as blog posts in the coming weeks. Also, we might have a contest or two, and if there’s room at the tail end, maybe a joke.

The end of this post, though, is not a joke. Monday is Memorial Day—a day we remember absent loved ones and heroes who deserve our respect and thanks. On this Monday, I am asking you all to stop a moment, and include in your thanks the animals who have given you comfort and support, both great and small, who have helped you through the bad spots, and who have looked up to you as their hero.  

Grab that puppy, cuddle that kitty, pet your feathered babies, and as you do, look directly into their eyes, quiet your mind, and tell them, with feeling, “thank you” for choosing you as their guardian. Now close your eyes again and picture those souls, both humans and animals, who have moved on, but have left you with gratitude for their love, devotion and service. Thank you for reading our blog.

           Deanna Chesnut, a/k/a Purrfect Talker

4/16/91 – 12/29/07