Purrfect Talker Blog: The Food’s the Thing- Part 1

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Author:  Deanna Chesnut, Author, Purrs & Promises

Summer in Texas and the livin’ is eezy, (pant  pant)—the swimming, beach time, hiking, Vit. D sinking into our skin. Reunions, ball games, road trips—all with yummy food. But…is it OK to share the fun with your pets?  

YES! Definitely! Mostly. So, what’s OK and Not OK for “a TREAT” for the 4-leggeds? Alas, answers vary. Here are definitely NOT OK foods. Some might cause minor issues, some are deadly.

(Disclosure: I am not vet-trained and info contained here is from personal knowledge and research. ALL information should be researched further and/or checked with your vet.)


Alcohol & caffeine: Can cause death.

Bones: Say what? Yes! Cooked bones splinter, especially chicken bones. Choking, Pancreatitis, bowel obstruction

Broth/Stock: Dangerously high sodium. Regular 800/Low sodium 500 grams; Kitchen Basics unsalted 130 grams but may have onion/garlic; Beef is worse.

The Purrfect DoctorAll Chocolate: More dark, more danger. #1 dog poisoning cause. 6-12 hours before symptoms. One chip may be too much for a little pet. Seizures, heart problems and death.

Dough: Swallowed, it painfully stretches the stomach.

Eggs: Great, but Raw eggs could have salmonella.

Fat, Skin, Sugar: Need I say more?  Same for them as you.

Garlic/onions: Toxic, causes anemia.

Macadamia nut: With chocolate, could cause death.

RAW: eggs, fish, meat, shellfish- Parasites, fish disease, bacteria. Hook ‘em, cook ‘em, then feed ‘em.

Salt: FDA allows it in commercial pet foods. “Some” is too much, like your potato chip. Addictive.

Xylitol in Diet foods/drinks:  Causes liver failure.


GOODY TREATS – Cats  Dogs  Both

Rice: A dab with a bit of cooked broccoli and  small amount of melted butter (for hairballs)

Cream cheese, Feta, lo-fat cheese

Baby food, no salt.

Eggies: http://www.petexpertise.com/homemade-dog-treats-egg.htmland

Summer Stuff: Freeze no-salt broth in ice cube trays w/a fresh catnip/parsley and bits of chicken

Melons!The Purrfect Talker

Ice water throughout the day.

Freeze dabs of whipped cream

Mash banana and peanut butter, drop on pan and freeze

Freeze yogurt with/without pumpkin

Apples, seeded and quartered

Carrots, stick or baby ones


Seaweed, dried.

Toddler meat sticks

UN-pasteurized cow or goats milk

Sardines packed in water, sparingly

A dab of butter (for hairballs or melted on dry food



Cat Cake and how to wrap cat presents,


Add cream cheese or whip cream topping.  =^,-,^=

Dog Birthday


Coming up: Meet some very old cats and learn their “longevity” foods… or are they?