Ready Fur Love: Krista’s Love Letter

October 19, 2017

Hello Person,

It’s me, Krista. Looks can be deceiving so I’m here to set the record straight. First off, I have way more fluff than my picture shows. It’s soft, flowy fur and probably my favorite feature about me. Second, I may have RCF (Resting Cat Face) but I promise you my personality is as sweet as peach pie. If you’re looking for an easy going cat, you won’t find one more easy on the going than I am. I prefer relaxed environments so I can go deep into zen mode. And by zen mode, I mean long naps. I love sleep, it’s my favorite hobby.

When I’m not sleeping, I love hanging out with my pals, both human and feline. I also live by the cat rule “If I fits, I sits.” I can and will make myself comfortable in any spot I can find. Fur example. If there is a lap that is currently occupied, I will sit on top of the current occupant and any sliver of lap that I can touch. There is always room for Krista.

I purromise you will fall in love with me at first ear scratch and know that we were meant for each other all along, to sit and enjoy the easy and simple things in life. How does that sounds? Peachy?

I look forward to meeting you!