Ready Fur Love: Scout’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love

October 26, 2017

Hey I’m Scout,

You know, a lot of people are intimidated by big guys. They think we are tough, mean, and always looking for a fight. I’m here to tell you, for about 95% of us big guys, none of that is true. We may be big in size, but that just means I have a bigger heart to love you with. Sometimes, I don’t even feel as big as I am and I forget. I’m learning to always remind myself that I am a big dude and may be stronger than most are use to. I’m getting there, though. Soon I will be as gentle as a butterfly. While I do want to be the only dog in the home, I promise you you won’t need a second in your life. I love being active and am looking for a jogging partner or someone to play in the backyard with. I love kids, but a bigger kid would probably be my ideal playmate. Indoors, I’m the perfect gentleman. I know that your things are not my toys and I leave them be, but I do love having toys of my own so I hope you’re willing to buy me a few.

I’m really hoping I sound like the perfect dog for you because I’m hoping to get in a home as soon as possible. The people at TXHH are really nice and I have a great time going on walks and spending time in the play yard, but being alone in a kennel is very stressful for me. I’m just looking for someone to tell me I’m a good boy, snuggle with me on the couch, and be happy knowing I’m home instead of alone.

Will you be my hero and give me my dream life?

Always yours,