Ready Fur Love: Kurt’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love


November 16, 2017

Hello, I’m Kurt.

It sure is nice to meet you. Even though I’m only 5 years old, I have an old soul and I’m hoping this love letter will find my true love and they will come find me. I’m your typical nice guy. While I try not to believe the stereotype of nice guys always finishing last, right now I’m starting to feel like I’m falling behind. So I’m putting myself out there in hopes that my luck changes and we can finally put that saying to rest!

I’m a mellow guy who is just looking for someone who needs a constant in their life. I will always be by your side. I will celebrate your successes and be the listening ear when you need to talk. I love people of all ages and look forward to either an evening stroll with the adults or a little play time with the kids in the backyard. I don’t mind being around other dogs but I’m pretty mellow and being around ones with similar personalities would be my ideal.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it’s my favorite holiday! All the delicious smells and food, plus all my loved ones in one place– it doesn’t get much better! While I fully plan on making Thanksgiving my cheat day, I know that I have to get back to doggy dieting. When someone says “Butterball” I don’t want them to be referring to me after all!

So if you’re looking for the most loyal and loving dog, or the one who will be your ultimate wing man, I’m your dog! Come meet me so we can start making memories!