Ready Fur Love: Jasper’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love

April 5, 2018

Hi there. My name is Jasper and I’m a good looking tom cat looking for a loving home. I’m about to be three years old, but you’d guess that I would be older since I’m so mellow. I don’t know if you remember about all the cats that came from the hoarding case back in the fall but I’m actually one of them – one of the last few left.

I’m really hoping my good looks will draw Ready Fur Lovepeople in towards me but sometimes when people come to visit I accidentally snooze right through their visit. What can I say, I’m one content kitty. If you happen to see me sleeping, I don’t mind you coming to pet me anyways. I’ll just groggily wake up and start purring. I might be shy for the first few seconds but as soon as I realize you’re here to give me love, I’m 100% ready for the attention.

My ideal family would be someone that doesn’t mind having such a laid-back boy like me in their lives. I just need a loving person and a cozy place and I’m good to go. I have the dull markings of a Siamese and the brilliant blue eyes to dazzle you with. Some say I look wise. I think I just look kinda sleepy but hey what do I know. I’d love for you to come and adopt me and then we can nap and sunbathe together for the rest of our lives! You can find me at the Leander Adoption Center!