Ready Fur Love: Big Bella’s Love Letter


Ready Fur Love

February 1, 2018

Hello, my name is Big Bella!

Yup, that’s me, the fluffy calico kitty. My lovely locks of fur are where the big in my name comes from, not my figure. I am no fat tomcat! Enough about the “Big” in Big Bella, time to hear about my lovely personality and demeanor. I like to think of myself as calicool. Get it? Calico and cool make calicool. Not funny? Okay, okay, I’ll stop with the bad jokes. But really, I am pretty cool if I do say so myself. I like long cuddle sessions and having your attention all to myself. If you hear my backstory you’ll understand why.

Did you ever hear about that hoarding case in Killeen? Sara, the last VIP Spotlight cat, mentioned it in her letter. I, too, am one of the 36 cats that was rescued from that house. Now that I have had a taste of independence, there’s no going back to the cat cluster. I want to be the center of attention meaning the more people the better! I do have one condition, however. I do not like being picked up, it stresses me out big time. If you can understand that and respect my boundaries, then we will get along great! A family made up of mature cat lovers is what I’m hoping for in my forever home.

If you are looking for a cat companion to hang out around the house, then I’m your gal! Come visit me at Texas Humane Heroes’ Leander Adoption Center so we can really get to know each other.