Ready Fur Love: Fedora’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love

Hello, my name is Fedora! I am just over a year old, so I am in-between being a kitten and an adult, which makes me perfect for anyone! I consider myself a very sweet girl. I love to receive scratches and love from you. I am pretty affectionate and curious, and I am almost always in a good mood!

While I love playing, I am also content with simply sleeping the day away on a cat tree or comfy blanket, curled up and comfortable. See, I can have the energy of a kitten or an adult!

Now you may be thinking “Fedora, if you are so purrfect, then why haven’t you been adopted yet?” It’s a valid question! Of course it’s weird that I haven’t been scooped up by a family yet, but you see, I’m a little different than the other cats here. We are all different, of course, but I’m looking for a family who will be comfortable taking care of me. You see, I sometimes have seizures, and while I have got myself through them before, it’s always more comfortable to have someone by your side! I am on medication for my seizures, which is helping prevent future ones from getting to me, so I need to stay on the medication for my whole life.

It would be best for me if I entered a low-stress household. I’m fine with younger kids as long as they understand that I could potentially have a seizure. I wouldn’t want to scare the poor things! I get along with other cats and live with them here. Though I am a bit sensitive, so I don’t like when they are mean to me or hiss at me, but does anyone like that?

Want to see me in action? The nice people at TXHH made a video for me and boy, did I have fun! They gave me treats and some pretty cool toys, but my favorite thing was the rock that I found on the floor. See, I’m not high maintenance! Check it out here!

So, do you think that you could be my forever family? Come get to know me, then you can take me home!