Ready Fur Love: Crystal’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love

Hello, my name is Crystal. Along with Nancy, I am one of the two cats left with Texas Humane Heroes from last November’s hoarding case. As you can guess, I’m still a bit frightened of you humans, but I’ve been through hard times and I am doing my best to recover.

With this being said, I need a family who is not only patient with me, but one who understands that I will most likely not be a cuddly cat – I still flinch when touched without notice. I need space, I had been confined for far too long, and I don’t want to suffer like that again. This isn’t to say I don’t have love to give, both Nancy and I want to know what true love really is, but we only have memories of hardship, and we need time to heal.

Maybe you’re not looking for a cuddler. Maybe you, just like me, are simply looking for a companion to share your presence with. If your heart is ready for a cat who needs time, then I could be your girl!

A great way to start getting to know me is with treats. I’m still a bit apprehensive, but if you go slow with me and place the treats in front of me, I will snack for a bit. I also get along just fine with other cats, so long as they give me my space.

I would love for you to give Nancy and I a chance, we are both currently at Texas Humane Heroes’ Killeen location, but you can always check their website to confirm our location should anything change.