Ready Fur Love: Finnick’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love

Hi there, I’m Finnick, but you can call me Finn, if you want!

I’m a bit of a shy guy, it definitely takes time for me to warm up to people, but I think that is totally reasonable! It’s hard to trust strangers when you don’t know how they’ll treat you. If I’m being honest, I will definitely warm up to women more than men – I would really prefer to not be in a home with men. I have a lot of love to give, and the staff here say I’m a really great dog once you get to know me! I’m just looking for someone to take a chance on the shy one. 

I actually have been in a home before! I got along really well with the cat there, and their 13-year-old didn’t bother me either! I was a happy and friendly dog when the dad wasn’t home. I was really scared of him, but it wasn’t because he hurt me or anything, I just couldn’t ever warm up to him. I’ve always struggled with not being afraid with men, there have been some here and there who I can tolerate, but overall, I just prefer to be with women.

While I haven’t been homed with other dogs, I have played with some while at Texas Humane Heroes! I didn’t quite understand what playing was at first, but it turns out I like to rough house! I prefer more submissive dogs, or mature ones who can properly tell me if I’m going too far.

Gosh, I guess I don’t have much else to say. I’d love if you would give me a chance and come meet me, but you should be prepared to see a pretty scared dog. Talk to the staff about me, I’m sure they would take me outside for you so that we don’t have a scary wall between us! Even outside though, it may take time for me to warm up, it might take a couple of meetings and lots of treats of course, but I really would love to find a home that is right for me! Give me a try, I’m ready fur love!