Ready Fur Love: Buttons’ Love Letter

Ready Fur Love

September 14, 2017

Hello, Darling,

I’m Buttons. Why ‘Buttons’? Well, because I’m cute as a button! A little about myself, I’m easy going with a high fashion sense. As you can see with my stunning tuxedo suit. Girls can wear tuxes, too, you know. I enjoy luxury and prefer to live the highest of standards.  Oh, you do, too? We are going to get along just fine and be the best of friends then. My feline pals and I all like to get together for dinner parties once the humans leave for the evening. We eat delicious kibble and laugh over funny stories. Of course, there is always that one cat who has a little too much catnip but it just makes the party more lively. Never me, though. I’m more sophisticated and prefer to keep myself proper.

While I do enjoy a good dinner party, in general I prefer a more quiet and simple life. I don’t like a lot of hustle and bustle. I enjoy alone time with my humans and receiving lots of pets and ear scratches. In a wide variety of homes, but homes that are also very similar. I can see me living with a family with a few older and gentler kids, single or couple adults, or even young professionals who are looking for a furry roommate. With our laidback ways, I know we are going to make just the purrfect match.

So what do you say? Are you looking to add some cat classiness to your life?

Love Always,