Texas Humane Heroes Animals Cleaning Up Their Carbon Paw Print!

Texas Humane Heroes’ animals are cleaning up their carbon paw print!

A note from Tony Napolillo, Sun Club Program Manager, Green Mountain Energy Sun Club: 

Anyone who’s ever owned a household pet knows how much our furry friends love to bask in the sunlight streaming through our windows. Well, the animals at Texas Humane Heroes are about to soak up a whole new kind of sunlight…

On behalf of the Green Mountain EnergyTM Sun ClubTM, I am thrilled to share some exciting news with all of you supporters of Texas Humane Heroes: In the near future, you’re going to see some shiny objects up on the roof of  the pavilion in the new Memorial Garden. That’s right – solar power is coming to Texas Humane Heroes!

I work for Green Mountain Energy Company providing renewable electricity to homes and businesses. We formed the Sun Club in 2002 to fund, build and promote solar power while helping non-profits reduce their environmental footprints (or, in Texas Humane Heroes’ case, paw prints) and better serve their communities. Texas Humane Heroes provides an amazing service to the community and we’re excited to help this No Kill shelter incorporate a renewable source of energy into their mission.

This donation would not be possible without the monthly contributions of our customers, including those based in Williamson County, and is a testament to their dedication to renewable energy. We’re proud to be working with this wonderful non-profit whose values and initiatives align so well with those of Green Mountain and our Sun Club members.

Let the sunshine in!

-Tony Napolillo, Sun Club Program Manager, Green Mountain Energy Sun Club

For more information on the Green Mountain EnergyTM Sun ClubTM, visit: http://greenmountainenergysunclub.com

For more information on Green Mountain Energy Company, visit: http://www.greenmountain.com/