Meet Leila!

Please note that this post is for information purposes and does not guarantee that these animals are yet or still available for adoption at THH. Please check the date of the post and call THH for further information on any of the animals.

Leila is a very easy-going, sweet tempered puppy. She is also very smart! She has learned many things in just several weeks: she knows her name, is newspaper trained (most of the time!), she is very self-entertaining with stuffed animals, tennis balls and chew sticks but also loves to be social and play with the other dogs. She sleeps in her crate when the lights go off with no fussing, at and is content to be in her puppy playpen for quiet time. She loves to go outside and knows “time to go potty”. She has also started leash training and is working on learning very basic puppy commands – “come here”, “uh uh” (meaning – nooooo), and “good girl!” every time she does something smart and/or cute!!

Leila has been a real joy to foster and will adjust quickly to her new home and Forever Family.

If you are interested in this sweet girl, please email Lindsey Thompson at Be a hero…adopt!