Zoe’s Permanent Valentine


It’s the month of love and while all love is worth celebrating, we at Texas Humane Heroes enjoy celebrating the love between people and their adopted pets the most. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but we think this photo of Zoe in her new forever home is worth two thousand, all of them being “sweet”, “cute”, “adorable”, “OMG”, (Heart-Eye emoji)… you get the idea. Eleven months ago tomorrow, Zoe met her new family and as they say, the rest is history.

Zoe was transferred from San Saba to TXHH on March 14th. Six short days later she met Tyler and Kelly. After recently moving into a bigger home, the extra space had them feeling a little lonely. They decided it was time to fill it with a new family member. A friend referred them to TXHH so they came in to see who they could meet.

“When we went in there, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, no intentions on any specific breed,” recalls Tyler. “But when I walked around to that back corner kennel, I knew I had found the one. She was the most beautiful and quiet dog in there. I instantly asked to walk her and within 2 minutes I knew she was the newest addition to the Reid family!”

It was love at first sight and that love is still going strong. Zoe’s new life has been very fulfilling and is only looking brighter in the future. She plays in her acre backyard and is best friends with her three cousins- two bassets and a 14- month old little boy! Having a queen-sized bed doesn’t hurt, either.

We not only gave Zoe a home, she gave us a family,” says Tyler.  “I care for Zoe as I would care for a child. Getting home after a long day of work, the best thing in the world is seeing that gift from God with the biggest smile ever on her face. She is the biggest blessing to our little family and I know she can’t wait until we start trying to have her a little brother or sister!”

So whether you are looking to expand your love or to give it all to one individual, adopting can fill your heart fuller than you ever thought possible. There are many dogs and cats looking for homes and we think they make the best Valentine of all.