Ready Fur Love: Little Doe’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Little Doe’s Dating Story

Meet Little Doe! If you have been following Texas Humane Heroes since last summer, you may remember this story. Little Doe came from a backyard breed with 43 other dogs. They all had a rough start to their life, none living the way a dog deserves. Sadly, one year has gone by and sweet Little Doe is still with Texas Humane Heroes, the last one of that rescue. She has had the hardest time with socialization and not being fearful of humans, but has made great progress! During the past year, she has been living with a foster. It’s now time for her to come back to the adoption center and try to find her loving “furever” home.

Little Doe has a heart of gold but it is a fragile one. She is very sweet but very shy. Sudden movements and loud noises still scare her but she wants so much to be touched and embraced by someone who cares. When meeting new people, she is curious and will come up to sniff and learn more about them. Sit down and talk with her. Though she may seem hesitant, she is eager to meet new people and will come up quickly for pets! Little Doe’s dream is for a quiet home that will show her endless love, something she has heard so much about but hasn’t had the opportunity to receive for herself. Are you looking for the perfect companion to talk about your day with? Meet Little Doe!


What are your best qualities?

“My best quality is my potential. I want to learn and experience new things as well as meet new and friendly people. I never received love before I was rescued. Life was scary and hard, I thought that’s what it always would be. I am learning now that it isn’t and I am trying really hard to be brave. I am not as scared of new things anymore. I like being pet and held. I enjoy the comfort of a loving lap. I know that someday, someone will see what kind of dog I am and what I can be over time. It’s just a waiting game for them to come.


What is your most prized possession?

My favorite thing is my crate. It gives me comfort and security on my bad days. I love when there are lots of soft blankets in there for me to lay on and a toy or two. It’s where I stay when no one is home and I don’t feel so lonely. It is the most comfortable place to sleep at night. It’s my own personal space that lets me be me.


What is your favorite food?

I really like soft dog treats! I am definitely a meat eater so the beefier the better. I am not picky, though, I will eat any soft meaty treat. Perhaps even the pieces that you leave on your plate? No need to be wasteful when you can tag team me in to finish the job.