Ready Fur Love: Kal’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Kal’s Dating Story



Hello guys and gals! Do we have a treat for you today! You’ve met him before, but not quite like this! Remember the ever so handsome Kal? Well his back with a lot more to tell you! and looking more handsome than before! At the adoption center, Kal would get some much needed daily playtime but it just wasn’t enough. He couldn’t quite figure out what he was needing but something was definitely missing. He then got the opportunity to go to a foster home. Little did he know that he was about to receive exactly what he didn’t know he needed.


Kal has been receiving specialized training  to teach him how to be the best dog there is. He is learning proper manners and to focus on his handler’s commands. He is a completely different dog and is learning that people are more than things that are there to give pets but are someone that Kal can connect, play, and bond with! Here he is, Kal!

Describe your life in a foster home?

“My life has been excellent since I went into a foster home. I have had incredible experiences, have learned so much, and eaten great food! So far, my best experiences are going on long hikes and a trip to the beach! I have seen so many new areas and I really enjoyed splashing in the waves and digging  in the sand. I think there was something under that sand but I never found it. I also get fed people food! They say it’s to help me put on weight. So while other dogs have to beg and hope they get a few bites, I get mine regularly! But I still have to work for it and show off my learning skills.”


What is the best thing you have learned?

“I have learned so much that I can’t narrow it down to just one thing. I like learning new commands that I can show off to friends and other humans. I also got a special training with  a guy named John Rogerson who is, what they call, a “behaviorist.” At first I didn’t think my behavior was bad but when I worked with him I learned so much so quick, and it really made me see that my previous behavior wasn’t up to par. I really liked him because I felt like he understood me and got me to see things in the right perspective.”


What are you wanting everyone to know about you?

“I am new and improved! I have learned so much and have really grown to be a polite young man. I knew I was smart and now I can put my knowledge to good use and understand better behavior while showing off to all the other humans and dogs. I am still working on some old habits but I just keep climbing that ladder and know that I’m not coming down when I reach the top! But don’t worry, I am still the fun, silly, happy boy that I was before. I still want lots of ear and booty scratches. Now, I am just the best of both worlds! Won’t you give me a chance?”


There you have it, folks! Kal is ready to be the best he can be for you! Be sure to watch his trip to the beach here: