Ready Fur Love: Oscar’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Oscar’s Dating Story

College playoffs are coming up quick. Have you picked your team yet? Team Oscar is where you should be! He can easily be an Offensive Lineman whose goal is to protect his family- you! While essentially being the “bouncer” of the football field, his personality is quite the opposite. He is just a big ol’ tub of love that just wants to snuggle and eat snacks with you. Netflix and Chill? Oscar’s down with that. Watching ‘The Blindside’ might be your perfect bonding movie, that or Garfield. He can relate to both on so many levels!


Oscar is very friendly and can fit easily into many different lifestyles with his laidback attitude. He enjoys the company of other cats and greets people when they walk in the room. Like any typical football player, he’s the life of the party! Throw on your cheerleading outfit, you have a new player to root for! Meet Oscar!


What are you looking for in your new family?

“I’m hoping to find a someone- or someones- who are just looking to keep life easy, happy, and fun. Bad attitudes are a waste of time, enjoy life while you’re living! I am easygoing and am down to do whatever they would want to do. As long as they are nice, give good ear scratches, and enjoy lazy Sundays, I will always have their back like a true team player.”


What motivates you?

“The smell of good food is always a good motivator. I will come running when I hear that can open or the treat bag shaking. Nothing motivates me more than getting some tasty nibbles. I really enjoy those crunchy treats and having a can of soft food every morning is just how I want to start my day. You have your Wheaties, I have my Friskies. I will also help you finish a roasted chicken if you ever need it. Just let me know.”

What quote do you live by?

“‘Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess.’ True on the field and in the kitchen.”