Ready Fur Love: Kitt’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Kitt’s Dating Story


We are just days away from the beginning of Fiesta San Antonio and we couldn’t be more excited! It’s also time to celebrate the announcement of this year’s queen! We gotta say, she a real beauty and totally deserving of the title “Queen”- I guess that’s why she nominated herself! Kitt is a young girl who is looking for fun. She’s a big social butterfly and loves being in the middle of all the action! That’s why Fiesta is the perfect festival for her! With lots of food, music, and excitement everywhere, Kitt is ready to let down her fur and have some fun! Kitt does great with other cats and is always looking forward to spending some time with people. On a laidback kind of day, you can find her lounging in her cat tree enjoying the weather. A girl always needs her beauty sleep, and Kitt will gladly take the opportunity when it presents itself. Meet your new partner in crime, Kitt!


Describe your average day

“Well I really like spending the day with either my cat friends or human friends, lounging on a summer day and soaking up the sun. We can do girly things, like paint our claw nails and groom. At night, I like to turn off the lights and turn on the lazer pointers and have ourselves a dance party! I love to have fun and the only way I can have it is with my besties.”


What’s the best way to get to know someone?

“I really enjoy one on one time with people. If I can sit with someone for hours listening to them tell me about their day and likes and dislike, and they listen to me, I think it’s a sure sign that we are meant to be!  Talking and spending a chill afternoon together, really lets you both open up and learn about one another more personally.  I look forward to doing that with my new family. I can’t wait to tell them all my favorite spots to be scratched!”



What’s your motto for life?

“’Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.’ It’s perfect for me because not having a family right now is a difficult road to be on, but when I do finally get one, it really is going to be beautiful.”