Ready Fur Love: Jolene’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Jolene’s Dating Story

We have officially reached the 6th month mark of 2016! Can you believe it? Join us as we continue our lifesaving journey across Texas as we head to the beach! This month we are celebrating the Aransas Pass Shrimporee! So grab your grill, a cool beverage, and imagine the sand between your toes ‘cause we are about to have some fun!


The first beach babe we have for you is the one Dolly Parton wrote about. Jolene is out to steal your man’s heart, your woman’s heart, and even your kids’ hearts. With her sweet and loving demeanour, there’s no point in fighting it either. Jolene is a mother of 4. Now that her babes are old enough to survive on her own, she’s ready to hit the pavement and find her own family to be the baby in. Jolene loves people and really enjoys being shown some affection- cuddle time is the best time. She puts all those pit bull stereotypes to rest with how gentle she is. When it’s playtime, she is ready to let loose at the drop of a leash! She enjoys toys but having a person to play with just makes it 10 times better! If you’re ready for someone to lounge on the beach with and possibly play a pickup game of Frisbee, then meet Jolene!


Describe the best gift you’ve been given.

“I had been living with a foster family while raising my puppies before coming to the Adoption Center. I was given everything I could possibly need! I had adult dog friends to play with, I slept in the house, had lots of playtime in the yard, and given even more love! I know it was just temporary, but they really made me feel loved and showed me what it’s like to be part of a family.”


What is your favorite toy?

“Well, I like playing with balls, especially ones that squeak. I think my favorite, though, is the rope toys. They require someone else to play with and having a playmate is always better! I also just enjoy roughhousing with people. I like to run and jump and leap. It may seem too rough, but I promise I won’t hurt you.”


What do you hope to get from your next relationship?

“I hope to get treated like the baby of the family. I had the opportunity to be a mother and now my puppies are old enough to not need me to be their mom anymore. Now I’m ready to find a family of my own and be spoiled and loved for the rest of my life!”