HSWC Hero: Lucy & Elise

Lucy & EliseFeatured Hero: 2nd Quarter 2011
Adoption Date: August 2010

Their Story: I had been looking for a dog for weeks before coming to HSWC in August 2010. I live in Austin so I had been to every SPCA, Humane Society, and pound in the area only to come up empty-handed or fall in love with a dog that was already in the process of being adopted. As crazy as it may sound, I was visiting the Town Lake Animal Shelter every morning to see if I could find “the one” before someone else claimed him/her. My patience was wearing thin and I was beginning to wonder if I would ever find my forever friend. My parents live in North Round Rock and one day my mom happened to be in the area of the HSWC and she stopped by. There were several small dogs that fit the description I was looking for, but she knew right away Lucy was the one. She immediately called me but, I couldn’t make it out in time that day so she hung  around the shelter until closing trying to make sure no one would adopt her. The next morning I made the trek out to HSWC. I even skipped my morning class at UT because I had a feeling, a feeling that this was the day I would bring home my best friend. As soon as I saw Lucy, I knew she was it. Her combination of cuddles and playfulness was perfect and she followed me around in the play pen and jumped in my lap whenever possible. Now, Lucy and I are truly best pals. She has a deep love for stuffed animals (and tearing them apart!), tug of war and fetch, and she loves meeting other dogs and people. I take her everywhere I can to satisfy her curiosity. She also lovingly follows me around no matter where I go in the house (even in the shower!), and she curls up with me in bed at night. She is the best roommate a girl could ask for!