HSWC Hero: Zevon & Ashleigh

Zevon & AshleighFeatured Hero: 1st Quarter 2011
Adoption Date: March 2008

Their Story: I adopted my Tibetan terrier Brian from a rescue group, and watching him become socialized and confident after his history of neglect and near starvation was extremely rewarding.  But Brian needed a friend to keep him company during the day, and I wanted a new puppy!  I knew I wanted a large breed as I’d never had large dogs, only small ones, and I wanted a puppy because I’d never had one of those either. People said I was crazy, too much work, Brian would hate him, he’d ruin my house, etc, etc.

I went to the Humane Society of Williamson County to look at an adult female Catahoula/Great Dane, and she was huge and out of control! But the staff said they had a puppy named Ceasar that was also (probably) a Dane/Catahoula, so I went to check him out. He was a little watermelon of a puppy, half again as big as his littermates, bigger than my Tibetan terrier Brian at 9 weeks old. I absolutely fell in love with his calm personality and multi-colored coat, and I knew it was meant to be.  I renamed him Zevon after the late folk singer Warren Zevon; I liked the music and loved the name.

Raising a large breed puppy was a challenge but he surprised me by how quickly he learned the dog door and housebreaking was never a problem. He got bigger every day; I remember watching his adult teeth come in and thinking to myself, “What have I set myself up for? This dog is going to be HUGE!”  The funniest part was watching Brian and him negotiate their relationship; a little 20lb Tibetan terrier can be pretty fierce when faced with a giant and growing puppy who needed constant reminders of the hierarchy. Zevon loved Brian immediately, and it didn’t take nearly as long as I expected for Brian to warm up to him. Before long they were best buddies, and Zevon picked up Brian’s easygoing nature as he grew.

Now, 3 years later and shortly after  his 3rd birthday,  Big Z (as he is affectionately known) is 110lbs of pure sugar. He’s absolutely the sweetest dog you have ever met. I am so proud of him and so thankful to the Humane Society for the work they do ensuring unwanted puppies like Z find good homes and never see hunger, neglect or abuse.