HSWC Heroes: Monte, Julie & Matt

Monte, Julie & MattFeatured Hero: 4th Quarter 2010
Adoption Date: August 2010

Their Story: One sunny Saturday and months after talking about finally getting our first dog together, we set out for the HSWC just to see the pups we’d been looking at for weeks through the website.  We weren’t sure if we’d find the right companion for our small apartment after visiting with a few wonderful but incredibly energetic pups.  But then we spotted Monte, a long haired miniature dachshund.  We could just tell that he needed a family after taking him for a long walk and just sitting in the shade relaxing with him.  He is the calmest dachshund alive!  Some people had warned us of the breed’s stubbornness but we quickly had him house/crate trained minus his first encounter with the trash can, marking it as his own haha!  He does the funniest thing when we give him a treat inside… After finding a hiding spot for it, he’ll dig an imaginary hole in the carpet or couch then nudge the imaginary dirt back over the hole with his nose.  Amazingly, he never forgets where he stashes his loot.  He’s quite a mighty dog in a mini package that’s sure to light up our lives for years to come.