HSWC Hero: Gunner & Desiree

Gunner & DesireeFeatured Hero: 3rd Quarter 2011
Adoption Date: November 2009

Their Story: On 11-02-2009 I came to make a donation. I picked a day when HSWC was closed so I could get in and out quickly since I have a soft heart.  Didn’t work out that way since as I was walking out a volunteer was walking in with a beautiful brindle dachshund.  Upon closer look I saw his jaw was broken and the tail had a kink in it, my heart melted.  Gunner came home the next day to embark on his new life.  After talking with the Humane Society and my vet it was decided not to fix his jaw since he was not in pain and it was an old injury.  He might look a little different but he loves his toys and plays tug all the time, very gently of course.  He has been with us for a year now and  has passed the AKC CGC test and begun training for agility.  The weekend of 11-06 & 11-07 he competed in his first agility trial.  With his true love of life and tail up he ran with all his heart and was first place in all three events and had qualifying time in two events.  Gunner has come a long way in this past year from being on a euthanasia list, to the HSWC and finally to a loving home.