Ready Fur Love: Laken’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love

February 9, 2016


Dear Family,

I have been without you for a handful of months now but I’m hoping that will change soon. I love people so much and I’m looking forward to spending my days in a home with a family. Even though I love people of all ages. I was a mama to 10 puppies, so I have a special love for kids as it allows me to love them and watch them grow. Just an FYI, I love to give hugs so the smaller kiddos’ butts might hit the floor a time or two. I don’t think that’s necessarily a deal breaker, but I just want to throw that out there since honesty is key in any relationship. Now that I have had the opportunity to watch my pups find families that will love them forever, it’s time for me to focus on my happy ending, as well. 

The people who take care of say they are looking for a special home for me. I tell them I already know that but they say my special family has to have a special lifestyle. They say I need a home with a tall fence. Ok, so that might be true. My size makes it very easy for me to just kinda hoist myself over fences. They also say I should be the only four-legged family member. That’s true too, I definitely don’t want to compete for love. Plus, I’m basically the size of two dogs put together so you won’t need anyone else anyway! Even though it takes a special home for me, I know you are out there and can easily fill those requirements. When I do find you, I will be that much more appreciative because you saw a dog who is loyal, loving, and ready to make you happy every single day. And for that, you will always be my favorite person.

Forever Yours,