Meet Snoopy, Caleb and Cannon!

Snoopy, Caleb & CannonPlease note that this post is for information purposes and doesn’t guarantee that these animals are still at the shelter. Please check the date of the post, and call the shelter for more information on any of the animals.

These three cute-as-buttons puppies are currently in foster care, but due back to the shelter this Friday, when they will be available for adoption into their Forever Home! Be a Hero…adopt!

Their foster family says:

We have three beautiful, two-month-old Collie/Heeler male pups. These three boys were initially so afraid of us and other people that they would move to the furthest edge of their kennel when we would approach and shake and shudder in fear when we held them.  After a few weeks of living in our home, all three have really changed. They have become affectionate and playful pups.  They are so eager to play with us and their toys as well as our own dog, Zoe, that we can hardly believe that these are the same guys!

The black and white pup who we call “Snoopy,” because of his color markings, was the most fearful and now he can’t wait to jump into our arms for some snuggle time after a good night’s rest. “Caleb” once was a frightened pup, too, but has become happy and so playful. He makes up funny hide-and-seek games with his toys, ending the round by running to us with his prize in exchange for an affirmative snuggle. The big guy of the bunch is called “Cannon”. He is mainly black with white markings around his neck and feet like his brother “Caleb”.  He is strong and very playful with his brothers but is also the most docile.  He is very friendly and gentle with us as well as new people.  He loves to be held and snuggled but also likes to just lay next to our feet while we sit on the couch.

All of the pups are doing beautifully on a schedule.  They are potty training easily. We are very impressed by their willingness to listen and obey our commands and very pleased by how easy their care and clean-up has been.  They sleep well through the night in their kennel and have two very active three to four hour play sessions during the day with a long naptime in between.  We can envision each one of these guys fitting in nicely with a variety of households and lifestyles. If you can provide a safe home and yard, a routine, some toys and playtime,  puppy food and water and lots of love, you will receive the bond of a lifetime.

These three puppies are due back at the shelter on August 3rd. For more information about these guys, please email Lindsey Thompson at

Snoopy, Caleb & Cannon