Pack Pride: Laura is Saving Lives in All Ways at TXHH

Pack Pride

Meet the lovely Laura, our Intake Manager. Laura started working for us as Community Adoption Counselor, taking adoptable dogs to PetSmart to help them find their homes. She then was promoted to Foster Coordinator, then shortly after, to Vet Tech. Now, she is in her most recent promotion title of Intake Manager. She has had a hand in almost every department we have here. Her determination and hard work really paid off wouldn’t you say? Laura accomplished all of this in the small amount of time it has been since she was first hired in January of 2016. Busy busy, busy!

Laura did not always work with animals however. Before moving to Texas from Oregon, she worked in restaurant operations. She made the decision to leave that career behind in order to pursue her passion for helping animals. And help she has! With all the experience she has gained through the different jobs she’s done for us, Laura helps mentor those who now do the work she once did. Although it feels like she’s “always working”, when she has the time, Laura loves to cook and spend time doing outdoor activities such as hiking and kayaking. Her family is another big aspect of her life. In particular her dogs Braxton and Dapper both of whom she adopted from Texas Humane Heroes!

Now what exactly does Laura do here as our Intake Manager? She is the one who fills up our adoption centers with animals ready to find their forever homes. Our animals are pulled from shelters across Texas so it’s up to Laura to go and bring animals into our program to help alleviate the overcrowding municipal shelters experience.

Thank you Laura for the many things you do to help out around here. We look forward to seeing what you do next!