Ready Fur Love: Georgie’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love


December 28, 2017

Hello! I’m Georgie.

My name is Georgie and yes that is a lady’s name. For that is what I am, a lady. I have manners, inner peace, confidence and self respect. I am refined, self-sufficient and classy. I am an all around very composed and well behaved cat.

I can be affectionate or I can entertain myself. No noisy meows here, I am soft spoken as a lady should be. Want some alone time? I can understand that and will give you the space you need. Once you want some love I will come right back to provide it. You could say I am a versatile cat. I can be the lovey dovey kitty or the calm and collected cat. That means I would do well in almost any home. I know I sound purrfect but there is one catch. I do not wish to share my family with another cat. The only feline of the house should be me. Dogs on the other hand, I can get along with. As long as they treat me gently as a lady should be treated. If they do we can all be one big happy family.

To recap, I am a chill cat who can be affectionate or left alone. I do not get along with other cats but well behaved dogs are just fine. I would be great for any family that wants a feline friend for life. I would absolutely love for you to come visit me so we can better get to know each other. I just know you’ll find me to be the cat for you!