Pack Pride: Ron the “Cat Man” of TXHH

Pack Pride
Ron being recognized at our Volunteer Appreciation Event in October.

This week’s Pack Pride spotlights one very hardworking volunteer. Ron has been volunteering for us since April and has already made a name for himself. Everyone refers to him as the “cat man” and for good reason. Have any questions about our feline residents? Ron is your guy.

Pack Pride

Ron grew up surrounded by animals and missed having them in his life. He cannot have pets of his own so instead, Ron spends time with our animals to fill any animal love cravings he has. He discovered Texas Humane Heroes in a newspaper article and decided to come check us out. Ron found himself very impressed by how passionate everyone here was about helping animals.

One of the first few times he came to volunteer, he asked what he could help with. He soon found himself scrubbing out litter boxes. Since then he has been taking care of all our cat’s needs. Ron is so good at what he does that only a few weeks after starting he was asked to train new volunteers. Being trusted to train other people has been his proudest moment of being a volunteer.

What would we do without Ron? We are very lucky to have him here helping us out. Our “Cat Man” can be found in the Kat Kondos every Friday at our Leander location. If you see him say hi and let him know what a great job he is doing.